Tarragon (25 Gms)
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"Tarragon is called the "King of Herbs" by the French.It is the main flavoring agent in many of the sauces that form thefoundation of classic French cuisine, such as Riga vote and tartar. Whenpaired with chopped sprigs of fresh parsley, chives, and chervil, you havethe traditional seasoning blend known as fines herbs. This aromatic blendenhances the flavors of egg, chicken and fish dishes, and is also used as abasis for salad dressings. When using tarragon in cooked dishes, it is bestto add it at the end, as heat tends to decrease its flavor. This herb has apeppery flavor with a slight hint of vinegar that is suited to vinegars andfish, but it also has many other uses in the kitchen. It is originally fromsouthern Russia and western Asia. Tarragon has few medicinal uses, butdoes have the peculiar property of causing slight numbness of the mouthwhen the leaves are chewed. It is an aromatic perennial that is native toSiberia and the Caspian Sea area.Tarragon enhances the flavor of many foods, but can becomeoverpowering if used excessively. It goes well with fish, pork, beef,poultry, game, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and most mainstreamvegetables. It also goes well with lemons and oranges. Tarragon can beused in cream sauces, herbed butters and vinegars, soups, sour creams,and yogurt."

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